Business Liquidity Planning is our business. Whether seeking a business succession, a business sale, or a strategic partner, our selling advisory services are geared to meet your ownership or shareholder objectives.

Coast to Coast M&A Advisors, LLC delivers a focused and results-driven approach to our client services, whether brokering or consulting. Using our proven models for business analysis with our broad expertise in business acquisition, we get the assignment completed fast and with superior quality.

Guidance is the KEY. Positive, proactive senior advisors take our clients from investigation, to strategy planning, business valuation, and negotiation with the best opportunity buyers of businesses today. The challenges of documentation, presentation, due-diligence, and closing are all made simpler by our systems and support staff.


Coast to Coast M&A Advisors, LLC represents investors seeking to acquire middle market companies. Our investors represent a variety of industries; and they are seeking, engineering, manufacturing and service companies to add to their portfolios. With an identified target, our senior advisors develop relationships with the premier companies in the segment, open the dialogue and bring the ready, willing, and able sellers to the market.

Our very strong systems approach assures individual, corporation or equity buyers of excellent candidate sellers that understand the process and can efficiently negotiate the opportunity. Our steps include:

  • Discovery – we identify and prepare candidates for review by the acquirer
  • Documentation – we assure the seller properly presents the facts
  • Discussion – we create a positive environment for full review and analysis
  • Deal – we support the acquirer in whatever role(s) are most suited

Controlling the time of effort, the risks, the public exposure and the project management details in acquiring a company are the goals of the Coast to Coast M&A Advisor team. Our business expertise and operating experience is invaluable in finding and closing the appropriate deals quickly.

Typical Services rendered by Coast to Coast M&A Advisors, LLC include:

  • Determining with our BUYER client the exact profile for the targets
  • Finding the available potential acquisition targets
  • Building relationships with prospective SELLER targets
  • Providing initial qualification review of prospective sellers
  • Introducing and creating engagement for the BUYER/SELLER
  • Serving, as needed, to project manage the due diligence process
  • Serving, as needed, to complete the contracting and closing process
  • Market Research – when initially looking for a business, we can provide excellent assistance from industry information and other proprietary sources to identify potential acquisition candidates, and/or strategic situations for opportunity plays.
  • Often time, an excellent business merger of like-kind and of synergistic-kind are available. With our national Business Networks, the Coast to Caost M&A Advisor team, we can deliver a broader perspective, that would typically be overlooked.
  • Valuation services can be done on a “broker opinion” basis with typical prior transactions evidence and industry trend information of capitalization rates, asset values, properly disclosed EBITDA adjustments, cash flow analysis, and investment risks. If necessary, Registered Certified Appraisal Services can be made available for the validation of all or part of the assets.
  • When serving to assist the due diligence process, we can develop complete Business Operating System research to assure that the existing and future business opportunity makes sense, has minimal risks, and meets the goals of the acquirer. Addressing issues of strategy, management team, financial controls, sales/marketing process, production and quality methods are all areas for Coast to Coast M&A Advisor expertise.


The Coast to Coast M&A Advisors, LLC team has refined their management systems process to analyze the current and potential value of a business in the entirety, or for sale in parts.

Preparing an owner for exit of their business is not a casual effort; it must be done carefully. By identifying the company strengths and weaknesses, a Strategic Business Offering can be created. Serious, professional buyers fully expect to receeive a well presented, accurate, verifiable business analysis. This includes ALL critical aspects and risks with the business, not just financials. Many of the delays and difficulties during an acquisition are the result of improperly prepared company information, management team, or marketplace irregularities. These issues, shown below are comprehensively addressed when a BUYER uses our M&A services.

The value of a Company can be significantly impacted by: 

  • Leadership: Vision, Mission, Strategy, Responsibilities
  • Quality: Standards for excellence and proof
  • Delivery: Responsiveness and consistency
  • Cost: Lowest cost, best value overall
  • Technology: Current, automated, and effective
  • Process: Defined, written steps of actions
  • People: Who, Why, Skills, Knowledge, Motivation
  • Performance: Measurable: systems, activity and people
  • Product: Best in class, presentation, brand marketing
  • Profit: net cash flow for replacement and expansion
  • Perfection: Continuous, enthusiastic improvement

Our experience can be your best asset. We will help evaluate your opportunity, improve your business, prepare to sell or merge your business; or, if you are an investor… find the right acquisition target for fast growth. Best in Class means… people, processes, performance – we excel in each.

Call us today 800-560-4102. We can help.